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Re: Was: Curious... Now: What will IDL be like

In article <8reodd$dro$1@nnrp1.deja.com>, Andrew <noymer@my-deja.com> writes:
|> don't want to go through the same with R/Gauss/MATLAB/Octave/Yorick/
|> S-plus/fooware unless I have to.

Well, now:

with MATLAB and S-plus you'll pay more money
with R and S-Plus you'll have trouble reading in your non-ascii data
with MATLAB and Octave you'll find 3-D arrays don't exist.
with Octave, you'll find the graphics suck
with Yorick, you'll find the structures inflexible

... so the answer is clearly to go with fooware. Where can I download 
that from, now?


P.S. I actively like Yorick in many ways and R is also very 
good and developing rapidly, although it will be a severe culture shock to 
hard science types.


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