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Re: % Internal error: Unable to set pixel format.

In article <MPG.1446d2ff4a5e3db5989c4b@news.frii.com>, 
davidf@dfanning.com says...
> Rikagaku (t_launey@brain.riken.go.jp) writes:
> > I have an object-based widget to display scatter plots with adjustable XY 
> > range. It works well on one computer but not on another one (same IDL 
> > version) and the reported error is: 
> > % Internal error: Unable to set pixel format.
> > I need some hints about where the problem may come from but I cannot find 
> > any information about the "internal error". Does anyone has any idea 
> > where I could get some explanations about this cryptic message?
> > thanks
> This doesn't sound too good. To see it on one computer,
> but not on another suggests graphics cards. Have you tried
> the program with software rendering turned on? That clears
> up an awful lot of lousy OpenGL implementations by
> the hardware manufacturers. :-)
> I'd contact the folks at RSI about "Internal errors". 
> Cheers,
> David

Thanks a lot
I got an answer from randall Frank who also suggested an OGL-related 
problem. After updating DirectX to 7.0 and reinstalling the OGL drivers 
(from GLsetup.com), everything worked fine again.
Thank you very much.

Thomas Launey
Laboratory for Memory and Learning, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN
Saitama, JAPAN