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Commercial IDL/Wave alternatives

: <aaron@boofura.swcp.com> writes:

:> I am looking for an IDL, PV-Wave, MatLab, -like product,
:> free and open source.
:> Does anybody know of any suggestions?

I reveived many EXCELLENT suggestions to this query.
I must thank you for the informed responses.

Unfortunately, as you dig deeper into a problem,
requirements often change.  After a meeting today
a clear preference for a COMMERCIAL package was voiced.

I have extensive experience with MatLab, IDL, and PV-WAve.
Of these three, I would certainly prefer IDL.

However, I have been in a MatLab/PV-Wave/IDL rut for 10 years.
Are there other commercial products I should investigate?
Support for UN*X/LINUX and NT are REQUIRED.
Support for Mac is DESIRED.

My application is image processing and analysis.
I will be moving to video analysis in the near future.
It seems like most packages have the load, process,
and display functions I need.  I will also want
the ability to call C++/C for faster implementation of
our new algorithms.

Thanks again for all your help!
Aaron Birenboim
Albuquerque, NM