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Re: IDL produced postscript files in latex

"David Fanning" <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> Simon Webster (simon@nonsense.co.uk) writes:
> > I'm producing postscript files with idl to go in a latex article.
> > Everything is fine when i just have one plot on the page, but when i
> > used !p.multi=[0,2,0] latex acted as though the second graph didn't
> > exist, overwriting the plot with text.  Is this a known problem and is
> > there any way around it?
> Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I worked with Latex.

Me too. Probably even longer than you, David. (Except that I've been playing
around with it recently, but so far it doesn't count as "working with" it.)

I just produced an EPS file with a pair of plots using !P.MULTI (it's been a
while since I worked with that!) and included it in a LaTeX document. No

> Anyway, I don't *ever* remember difficulty getting
> LaTeX to accept encapsulated PostScript output, even
> with multi-plots (and we had several of them in the
> IDL documentation). You are certain you have set it
> up correctly:
> ...
> I don't recall at all the latex commands, but presumably
> the bounding box in the encapsulated PostScript file
> will set the correct amount of space aside in the latex
> file.

Yes. The only thing other I can suggest is that you may be overriding the
EPS file's bounding box declaration in the LaTeX code. There are various
optional keywords to \includegraphics that allow this. But more likely is
that what you've produced is not a true EPS file.

Mark Hadfield
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