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Martin Schultz <martin.schultz@dkrz.de> wrote:

>Ohhhh. I for one just looove the idlwave emacs mode, and I am not
>using anything else for editing of my IDL programs. However, I am
>almost ashamed to reply to this thread, because I still haven't found
>the time to play around with the shell within idlwave, and so I miss

That's basically the same situation I'm in. I adore the syntax coloring
and the automatic indentation, and the functions lists (not to mention
just the emacs search functionality, etc.), but I really haven't explored
90% of the rest of the stuff that the idlwave mode does, so I didn't want
to respond, either. But now that I'm not alone, it's much easier. =) The
only things I use to do IDL are xemacs and the idl command line. I used
the IDLDE for about a week before I decided it was the silliest thing on
earth. (perhaps a little exaggeration, but I didn't like it much.)

I've accidentally gotten into the shell mode before, but I'm so used to
the normal command line that I got out of it quickly. So I don't use all
those fancy features that allow me to look at variables, etc. I still use
a lot of "print" and "help" statements in my code to figure things out. As
with Martin, it will be someday that I'll get around to learning the rest
of it.