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Re: translating an array name to a string

Just a speculation along the lines.
I faced this matter about a year ago, and was given an advice from a RSI
developer, not to use variable names as titles and not to define
meaningful variable names at runtime. Instead, organize the data
internally so that a meaningful name san be stored in a structure field,
for example (or an object property).
The reason I had that question is that I came to IDL from Igor Pro,
whose proprietary macro language uses "waves" with meaningful
(hopefully) names that you create yourself. It took me a few days to
realize the difference, but once I did, I never needed to use variable
names directly again. It is the persistence of arrays in Igor, absence
of a structure data type and Igor's inability to create temporary arrays
on the fly that makes you use meaningful names. Then, you must keep
track of what's being used all by yourself, with the help of
"nameofwave" functions. Pretty cumbersome.