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uint(), uintarr() calls


I'm working on compiling some code in IDL 5.1. This code apparently
compiled and ran correctly on the Linux box it was developed on, but
when I try to compile it on a Sun, the compiler gets caught on calls to
uint() and uintarr()...

field_header = uintarr(30) and
po = uint(5) are some of the lines in question...

In fact they are two of the five lines of code in the entire program
which call either of those functions.

I checked the documentation to find functions that might have a similar
use in case the uint functions are too new, but the 5.1 documentation
does not mention these calls or anything related to them.

I'm guessing that they are meant to be built in functions, as opposed to
defined elsewhere in the code. If anyone can point me in the right
direction here I would appreciate it.