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>>>>> "KM" == Kenneth Mankoff <mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu> writes:

KM> I've spent some time useing the shell. The main problem that i run
KM> across is that now i have my emacs keys and my idl keys messed up.
KM> up-arrow doesn't recall my last IDL command anymore, it just moves
KM> up in the emacs text-buffer. Other than a few problems like that,
KM> it works quite nicely. Does anyone out there have a good
KM> workaround for this?

Hi Ken,

this is the kind of feedback I mean.  Let me know what does not work

IDLWAVE 4.6 will contain a better default for the bindings of the
arrow keys.  They will behave like in an xterminal if you are in the
last line of the shell buffer - i.e. in the current command line.

- Carsten

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