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Re: Resizing object graphics on X

David Fanning wrote:
> That is how I would write the code. In fact, that
> is how I *write* the code in many of my programs,
> and I've never heard they don't work on X devices.
> But then again, maybe that's why no one wants to
> buy them. :-)

Na-a, that has nothing to do with it. It is more likely that they don't
buy 'em because they have an option of downloading 'em for free :-)

> I really don't have any suggestions. I'm really
> curious to see if this behavior can be duplicated
> by other people.

Sure, that's exactly what it did on my X terminal. But if you tell the
*draw widget* to resize on the top base event, not *ask* the OS to
resize an IDLgrWindow object, then the object window get resized
allright. Widget_control (notice "CONTROL" in it) allows you to
*control*, by the syntax alone. On the other hand, "setProperty,
dimension=[this, that], /if_you_please" is merely a plea to the OS,
which decides then if it likes you enough to do it :-)


P.S. Now, as I think about it, what criteria does the OS use to decide
to ignore a programmer's request? Maybe, thats where personal
programming style comes into play :-)