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Re: Resizing object graphics on X

Dave Greenwood (greenwoodde@ornl.gov) writes:

> The solution came from one of those newsgroup-shy RSI folks (thanks JP).
> What I needed to do was to resize the draw *widget* instead of the draw
> *window*:
>   drawid = widget_info(event.top, find_by_uname='drawwidget')
>   widget_control, drawid, xsize = event.x, ysize = event.y
>   info.oWindow->draw, info.oView

How come these newsgroup-shy folks don't fill me in?
They must take sadistic pleasure in watching the so-called
experts make fools of themselves. :-(

Anyway, I plan to spend the weekend updating all my programs
to work with IDL 5.4. I'll add this to the list of updates
that have to be made. (Anyone using IDLgrColorbar? That
doesn't work correctly anymore, either. RSI has updated 
code if you need it.)



P.S. Anybody else discovering that writing platform-independent
code takes a LOT of work. :-(

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