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Re: Double tickmark annotations

David Fanning wrote:
> We really need to come up with a standard sarcasm glyph.
> I propose we form an ad hoc committee at the IDL Expert
> Programmer's Association annual meeting Friday, Oct 31st
> to come up with something. (Those of you who have been
> invited know where it is being held, of course.)

I would suspect its being held somewhere at a brewery that has a car
wash nearby, so that contestants may wash David's car easily.
> In case you are wondering, the date of our annual
> meeting was chosen to coincide with the general
> craziness of All Hollow's Eve. The thinking being that
> maybe we could save a little bail money this year
> and put it toward a project to document all the
> platform-specific features of IDL. :-)

The only thing I am surprised about is how come the meeting was not held
on Friday, October 13th?
But, on the other hand, I guess we can come trick-or-treating. I'll
dress up as a Kodak color film box, with an IDL logo on the bottom :-)