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IDL 5.4. Neato.

Just finished installing 5.4 after reading about all the new goodies. Apart from the
double precision plot stuff, I think the inclusion of the BREAK, CONTINUE, and SWITCH
statements is worth the annual maintenance fee (to me at least) on it's own. And the new
file handling routines! Yummy.

One of the funnier things I've read for a while was the linux ** footnote in the
"Platforms Supported in this Release" selection:

"IDL 5.4 was built on the Linux 2.2 kernel with glibc 2.1 using Red Hat Linux. If your
version of Linux is compatible with these, it is possible that you can install and run IDL
on your version."

Isn't that approaching "if you turn the handle, it is possible the door will open" ? :o))


Good job RSI (no obsequiousness intended..... but a mug would be nice. :o)


p.s. FWIW, I applaud RSI for not caving and paying license fees for the LZW/GIF stuff.
Unisys, sheesh!
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