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I have a problem with filelist=Dialog_pickfile(/read,/multiple_files)
If I selected one file located at the root of a hard disk 
(say: "c:\test1.txt") then 
>print, filelist

BUT if I select more than one file at the root of the disk then 
>print, filelist
c:\\test1.txt c:\\test2.txt c:\\test3.txt

that is that  "\\" ??? It only happens when the file are located at the 
root of a disk (multiple files from a sub-directory is OK).

Of course: openR, lun, filelist[0], /get_lun does not work since 
"c:\\test1.txt" is not a valid filename under Win32

Am I doing something wrong or is it a problem (fixed in IDL 5.4 ?)?
Thomas Launey