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IDL and PCAnywhere

Does anyone else out there run IDL via PCAnywhere?

There is a bug in IDL which can make using IDL through a PCAnywhere
connection very annoying.  Basically, if you click at the left edge of the
edit window of IDLDE (where the cursor turns to an arrow), scrolling in the
edit window goes nuts.  The window will scroll toward the mouse cursor
relentlessly until another click is made.

As fast connections to the net continue to boom, I believe this method of
using IDL will become much more common.  I can develop software from home
using data bases at work this way.

I pointed this problem out to RSI and got email from Harold Cline that they
would fix this problem if enough people complained about it.  So I'm looking
for a few good complainers.

How about a little help?  Harold can be reached at harold@rsinc.com.  In all
fairness, I think you should complain only if you really have this problem
or if you're worried about the short-sightedness of RSI on this issue.


Lyn Doose
Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer Software Lead
NASA/ESA Cassini/Huygens Mission

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