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projecting a PLOT onto wall of SURACE

Dear C.l.i-p,

   I'm using 5.3 Direct Graphics to plot a SURFACE.
On this, I superimpose (in a blank region!!) a 2-D PLOT
that clarifies one covered-up aspect of the surface.

    It's a little bit cluttered, but not half as bad
as it sounds, and I have a constraint on number of figs
I can include with the article.

    It would look slightly better if I could /T3D the
PLOT such that it lies in the XZ plane in the "back" of
the surface.  Things would just "line up" better visually
if I could rotrate the supplementary plot. How to do this?
Just doing /T3D makes the graph wind up IN the XY plane of
the surface, which doesn't work.

    If this does not make any sense, then another way
to explain what I want is to compare it to the CONTOURS lying
above or below a SURFACE, which we see in so many examples
(e.g. David's book, or "Using IDL"), except that I want
the graph to lie in the BACK XZ plane, not the top XY plane,
and in addition what I want to plot is not a contour but
some other data.  In fact all I want is the proper projection
matrices to use with /T3d, because I specifically DON'T
want the graph to take up the entire back panel --- I already
have it sized OK I just need to get a way to get the right


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