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Re: Mixing ASCII and Binary in files

Ben Tupper wrote:
> I have a question regarding mixing ASCII data (as a header) with binary
> data (as data following the header).  This is a desirable format for our
> purposes for a number of reasons.  I have come across such files
> generated in the DOS environment from Sea-Bird Electronics devices.
> I am able to read and write such files in MacOS using IDL without
> difficulty; I am unable to do the same in Windows.

Ben, did you try using the OPEN keywords /BINARY and /NOAUTOMODE in
Windows (I believe these keywords are no longer required in IDL 5.4).

> From within IDL, is it possible to write such a file so that it is
> readable across all platforms?  If so, how?

BINWRITE and BINREAD are designed for this sort of thing. If you want to
include a string, convert it to BYTE type before writing it, and then
convert back to STRING type after reading it.

Of course if you want to go full steam on this, you may want to consider
netCDF or HDF.