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Re: histogram crashes (fixed in 5.4)

Paul Krummel <paul.krummel@dar.csiro.au> wrote in message
> Hi Bob,
> I posted a bug report to RSI late last year about problems with
> histogram and NaNs. I also posted a copy of it to this newsgroup.
> However, the problem I came across didn't crash IDL, just gave me
> incorrect results.
> They acknowledged it was a bug introduced when the NaN keyword
> was implemented (IDL 5.0?). They said it would be fixed in IDL 5.4
> and I believe it has been.
> Anyway, here is my original post for your reference.
> Cheers, Paul

Hi Paul,
thanks for the info. I did receive a message from RSI saying that
this error has in fact beed fixed in 5.4.