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Re: IDL5.4 CALL_EXTERNAL crashes IDL under IRIX

Dear Nigel and the rest that helped,

Nigels suggestion about rebuilding solved my problem! Thanks! I changed
the old commands

f77 -n32 -c read_grib.f
ld  -n32 -shared read_grib.o -L /home/climate/lib32 -lemos -o

into the compound command

f77 -n32 read_grib.f -shared -lemos -L /home/climate/lib32 -o

and ended up with something that worked.

Greetings, Ole (Danish Meteorological Institute)

In article <3A13BCF7.C5E86865@ion.le.ac.uk>,
  Nigel Wade <nmw@ion.le.ac.uk> wrote:
> IDL 5.3 is dependent on libidl.so, which is in turn dependent on
> libblas.so, which in turn is dependent on libftn.so. So IDL 5.3 itself
> will dynamically link to libftn.so which is where s_copy is defined.
> I would re-build your DSO and use f77 to do the linking (this is
> recommended because compilers know what linker arguments and libraries
> are required). f77 will then link using -lf77 and maybe other
> ------------------------------------------------------

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