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Re: IDL Bug? (Re: include files in IDL programs)

In article <MPG.147f025db9b7f15f989c85@news.frii.com>,
 davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
>Doug Reynolds (dsreyn@ll.mit.edu) writes:
>> It turns out that this problem isn't unique to structure definitions - the
>> Solaris version of IDL doesn't match routine names containing uppercase
>> letters.  For example, I defined two routines called searchTest.pro and
>> searchtest.pro:
>No, any time IDL is looking for file names automatically,
>it always assumes all lowercase characters.

Agreed.  However, since the Unix world allows file names to mix upper and
lower case, I believe this should be documented.  The information on pp. 52-53
of the IDL 5.4 "Using IDL" manual makes no mention of case restrictions,
which implicitly suggests that anything goes.

>It does this *specifically* so these programs will run on UNIX machines.

I'm not sure what you mean here.  In the case I presented, the effect it
has is that the routine does *not* run.