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Re: compile all files in current path

I would suggest making a project file (in >5.3). Even if you name
routines such that they don't autocompile, add them all to a .PRJ file
and use "run project" or "compile modified...", and they will all
compile. Besides, you cann add files that are not in the same directory,
if you want to.


Randall Skelton wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks to all who answered my questions regarding passing BIG structures
> into IDL from C and include statements...
> My next question is, can I get IDL to compile all the .pro files I
> have in the local directory (i.e. .compile *.pro).  At the moment, I have
> things hardwired, but it would be nice if didn't explicitly need to give
> exact filenames and pathes.
> Thanks
> Randall