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Re: How to display image on X root window?

"David G. Grier" <grier@fafnir.uchicago.edu> writes:

> Hi Folks,
>     Is there a straightfoward way to get IDL to display an image on the
> root window of an X display?
> I have something in mind along the lines of xloadimage -onroot
>     Alternatively, is there a way to open an IDL window with no borders
> or title bar?

You can probably accomplish this by creating a window the exact size
of the display.  Here is some code to do that:

IDL> device, get_screen_size=screenxy
IDL> window, 0, xsize=screenxy(0), ysize=screenxy(1)

On my Linux at least, the border is there, but appears off-screen, so
the full screen real-estate is taken by the IDL graphics window.  Also
a user can move the window and resize it.

As for a way to open a window on another display, that may be
trickier.  If you can, you should set the DISPLAY variable before
calling IDL.  You might also try doing

  setenv, 'DISPLAY=:0.1'

However when I tried this, a license error came up [ IDL thinks you
are trying to bypass the one-machine, one-license restriction.
Commercial software, harumph! ]


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