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Re: lego tiled image (how to make?)


What you describe sounds very much like what I do with Liam Gumley's IMDISP
procedure.  You may control all of the behaviors you now control with the
SHADE_SURF commands.  Soemthing like the following:

IMDISP, merged, Out_Pos = Pos
 (if you need to check for NANs then switch in BYTSCL(merged,/NAN) for merged

PLOT, lonbins,latbins, Position = Pos, /NoErase

You might need to fiddle with the plot command keywords to get the axes to fit
you data range.

Look for Liam's procedure at http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/~gumley


"R.G.S." wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I have an satellite data image and I would like to plot it
> as a color image composed of small uniform shaded rectangles.
> i.e. sort of like IDL> tv,rebin(image,/sample)
> This data does need the axis that a surface (or plot) command will give.
> So the rebin will not work in general, (or I supoose I could calculate
> the  size of the output image, then create the axis appropriate for that)
> Also, I will want to plot this as a polar plot in the future, and the rebin
> function will nto work for that.
> What I (currently) do to plot this data is (surface; rotated to bird's eye
> view):
> shade_surf, merged,lonbins,latbins,shade = bytscl(merged,/nan),$
>      ax=90,az=0,ztickname = strarr(10)+' ',zticklen = 0.0001,/noerase
> What I really want is  to create a surface like
> surface,image,/lego
> and do the above shadesurf command.
> What is the best way to create such a figure?
> Should I write the code to draw and shade each polygon for each sample
> (ugh slow!), or is there already a way to do such a thing?
> Cheers,
> bob
> stockwell at co-ra.com

Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
180 McKown Point Rd.
W. Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575