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Re: lego tiled image (how to make?)

Ben Tupper <btupper@bigelow.org> writes:
> Hello,
> What you describe sounds very much like what I do with Liam Gumley's IMDISP
> procedure.  You may control all of the behaviors you now control with the
> SHADE_SURF commands.  Soemthing like the following:
> IMDISP, merged, Out_Pos = Pos
>  (if you need to check for NANs then switch in BYTSCL(merged,/NAN) for merged
> above)
> PLOT, lonbins,latbins, Position = Pos, /NoErase

Or, PLOTIMAGE, which does these in one step.  It's supposed to be
exactly like a plot command.  For astronomy images you can even
display the image "backwards!"

I gotta keep flogging PLOTIMAGE since Liam muscled into my territory
with IMDISP.  Liam, don't worry, I have a worthy competitor for
bintools coming soon.


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