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Re: Bad data in structure (NaN HowTo?)

Randall Skelton <rhskelto@atm.ox.ac.uk> writes:

> Thanks to both Pavel and Craig for their help. 
> > In your case, I'd automate the search for numerical fields, because I
> > wouldn't be able to go through 450 fields myself. None of my business,
> > but are you sure this is the best way to organize the data?
> I am certainly open to suggestions on how to organize this data... It is
> spectroscopic remote sensing data and during measurements I get a dump of
> all of the sensor data (every 2 seconds)  and one high resolution spectrum

Randall, is it true that you are filling the -12345 values within your
CALL_EXTERNAL procedure?  If so, then perhaps you can try the second
thing I suggested.  Namely, in IDL create whatever "null" variables
you want, either NaN or whatever.  Then pass those variables into the
CALL_EXTERNAL procedure.  Then your C code can easily subtitute those
values wherever needed.  However there is no such thing as NaN for
integers so I'm not sure what you can do there.


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