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Re: Bad data in structure (NaN HowTo?)

Randall Skelton wrote:

> I am certainly open to suggestions on how to organize this data... It is
> spectroscopic remote sensing data and during measurements I get a dump of
> all of the sensor data (every 2 seconds)  and one high resolution spectrum
> of the atmosphere.  The 400+ items in the structure correspond to
> instrument readings (i.e. exact GMT time, spacecraft orientation data,
> latitude, longitude, etc...) and different data-streams (i.e. point arrays
> for each useful spectral window, an oversampled pointing mirror array,
> gyro arrays, etc...). 

On the second though... maybe its allright as it is? :-(
I see now that the amount of data you have is huge. Besides, it keeps
coming, huh. Maybe then just make an interface to shield yourself from
the 450 fields (which send chill down my spine) and let IDL handle the
mess internally.
By the way, I thought you have and array of those structures. Replacing
your -12345 can be done on all of the structures in the array in one
step with the "500 lbs gorilla" method. IDL is smart enough to index all
arrays in a field of a structure array.