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New book on Calling C from IDL


I am just about done with a book on calling C from IDL using DLM's and I
would like some beta testers. I have it working on Windows but I am looking
for people willing to test out the examples on other platforms. Experience
with using C and IDL would be best, but if you want to use this as an excuse
to learn how to do it please feel free. I will supply my C source code, a
copy of the book and my best guess on the compiler and linker options for
each platform.  While I will appreciate all editorial comments I am really
trying to get the exact compiler/linker options and any changes that have to
be made to the C code.

This is on a first come first server basis so don't wait. I really want to
get the book out by the first of the year so quick turn around (before
Christmas) will be appreciated. Just email me your willingness to help and
the platform you would test it on.

The book covers the mechanics of writing a DLM and has numerous examples. I
show you how to pass scalars, arrays, strings, string arrays and structures
back and forth between IDL and C. The last chapter shows how to pass and use
keywords in the C routines.  Since I am only an average C programmer this
book does have any fancy tricks that are hard to understand. In fact, after
working on this I love IDL even more!

As soon as I get all the testing done I will post a table of contents.


Ronn Kling
Ronn Kling
Ronn Kling Consulting
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