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Re: New book on Calling C from IDL

Sign me up. I'd love to learn more about this topic.

IDL> print, !version
{ mipseb IRIX unix 5.3 Nov 11 1999} I'm using IRIX 6.5.4 currently.

I'll also do Linux RH 7.0 (I forget the kernel version, sorry)


ronn kling <ronn@rlkling.com> writes:

> All,
> I am just about done with a book on calling C from IDL using DLM's and I
> would like some beta testers. I have it working on Windows but I am looking
> for people willing to test out the examples on other platforms. Experience
> with using C and IDL would be best, but if you want to use this as an excuse
> to learn how to do it please feel free. I will supply my C source code, a
> copy of the book and my best guess on the compiler and linker options for
> each platform.  While I will appreciate all editorial comments I am really
> trying to get the exact compiler/linker options and any changes that have to
> be made to the C code.
> This is on a first come first server basis so don't wait. I really want to
> get the book out by the first of the year so quick turn around (before
> Christmas) will be appreciated. Just email me your willingness to help and
> the platform you would test it on.
> The book covers the mechanics of writing a DLM and has numerous examples. I
> show you how to pass scalars, arrays, strings, string arrays and structures
> back and forth between IDL and C. The last chapter shows how to pass and use
> keywords in the C routines.  Since I am only an average C programmer this
> book does have any fancy tricks that are hard to understand. In fact, after
> working on this I love IDL even more!
> As soon as I get all the testing done I will post a table of contents.
> Thanks,
> Ronn Kling
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> Ronn Kling
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