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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

i received word from IDL product manager some time ago that as of 5.4, RSI
were giving the student version the ass.  As they should - array size
limitation.  hoh!  Instead, an "academic" version for US$495 would be
introduced.  Of course this is still out of reach for grad students in
say, Australia, where this translates to AUD$950 on account of investor
obsession with US markets.

Bill - if you're a linux user, you may try PyDL (plug).


billybobsuzanne@my-deja.com wrote:

> Wow.  I have been hanging around this newsgroup reading for a little
> while now and I downloaded a demo of IDL a month or two ago to
> determine what IDL could do.  Despite being limited to a 7 minute demo
> now, I am quite impressed.  I finally got around to asking RSI exactly
> how much it cost...  WOW.  I am a meager graduate student and my
> supervisor isn't too keen on paying so much money for software which he
> figures I can live without... "How much??? (cough, cough, weeze) I'm
> sure you can do that in Excel" were his exact words.  I'd buy it
> myself, but there is no way I could afford it at what they quoted me.
> I looked into the 'student version' but it is far too limited to be of
> much use with my *large* datasets.  I guess it is back to
> fortran, 'gri' and 'gnuplot' for me :(
> Will the people at RSI ever come back to reality here?  Their academic
> prices are simply too high (a few hundred dollars perhaps) but what
> they are asking is crazy.  I would have thought that us
> engineering/physics graduate students are the people that RSI would
> target sales for!  In a few years, I'll be in industry making decisions
> about software purchases...  too bad they don't realize this...
> Bill
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