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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

<billybobsuzanne@my-deja.com> wrote in message

> Will the people at RSI ever come back to reality here?  Their academic
> prices are simply too high (a few hundred dollars perhaps) but what
> they are asking is crazy.  I would have thought that us
> engineering/physics graduate students are the people that RSI would
> target sales for!  In a few years, I'll be in industry making decisions
> about software purchases...  too bad they don't realize this...

Here is what is costs for licenses at the University of Chicago where a site
license exists.
These costs are not subsidized at all, the University just organizes groups
to participate in the cost of the site license:
The IDL license is now up for renewal for the 2001 calendar year.  The cost
for IDL is now:

 Unix $200 per machine
 PC/Mac/Linux $100 per machine
 25-user blocs (mix-and-match) $1,000

This would include maintenance and upgrades through the year 2001 (and yes,
5.4 is available).  It does NOT include technical support, which is an
additional $300 per contact.

I think these are very reasonable rates.

Mark Rivers