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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

The price I have been quoted from RSI for a single user license for my
laptop is 845 UK Pounds + VAT (academic price).  Translating this into USD
it is about $1300.  There *may* be a 'deal' on this price from RSI in the
new year that would allow students who are paying out of their own pocket,
to get this at half price.  I must admit that the site license price
quoted below by Mark Rivers seems reasonable for a large department;
however, finding $700. USD on my graduate student budget will be tight!  
Perhaps Santa Clause will be good to me this year :)

Randall (will program for food) 

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Mark Rivers wrote:

> Here is what is costs for licenses at the University of Chicago where a site
> license exists.
> These costs are not subsidized at all, the University just organizes groups
> to participate in the cost of the site license:
> ************************************
> The IDL license is now up for renewal for the 2001 calendar year.  The cost
> for IDL is now:
>  Unix $200 per machine
>  PC/Mac/Linux $100 per machine
>  25-user blocs (mix-and-match) $1,000
> This would include maintenance and upgrades through the year 2001 (and yes,
> 5.4 is available).  It does NOT include technical support, which is an
> additional $300 per contact.
> ****************************
> I think these are very reasonable rates.
> Mark Rivers