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Re: IDL on VMS??

As a user of both IDL and PVWave (I choose which depending on what side of
the bed I wake up - and which license I can grab), I can recommend them
both. Although, porting from IDL -> Wave or Wave->IDL is becoming more and
more problematic as their functionality and syntax (in particular
structures) gradually diverge, a constant headache.

Unfortunately, we're slowly being booted off our OpenVMS machines to the
considerably less reliable (and from what I've seen slower) Sun Unix
machines. I wish just once that the standard for computing would err on the
technically excellent side instead of the lowest common denominator ( see
Mac vx Windows, VMS vs Unix, Unix vs. WNT, ADA vs C/C++) -- although there
is the exception to the rule (I'm becoming fond of Java).

Please do not reply to this, it is not intended as a trawl, or flame
generator, just my humble opinion which no-one has been able to provide a
reasonable argument to warrent any change (NOT to be taken as a challenge).



"Harold Stevens ** PLEASE SEE SIG **" <stevens@sp27.dseg.ti.com> wrote in
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> In <3A13DFC0.4B83D7BE@def.com>, Laurie Finn:
> |> You could use PV-Wave (they still develop their OpenVMS versions)
> [Snip...]
> FWIW, I agree, and have found it an excellent graphical analysis
>           http://www.vni.com/products/wave/newoverview.html
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