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IDL and RedHat version 7.0

About a month ago someone contacted me about their problems getting IDL
to run under Linux & RedHat v7.0 (I'm sorry, I lost their Email and
can't remember their name). Hopefully by now they've figured out how to
fix it, but in case they haven't... I was talking to a colleague a few
days ago, who reported a similar problem after a clean installation of
RH7. The problem, he discovered, was that there are some libraries
missing which IDL needs but which don't come with RH7. Anyone who
upgrades to v7 won't notice any problems 'cause the libraries _used_ to
exist in v6, but anyone doing a new installation will be unable to start
IDL. If anyone is still struggling with these issues, I can get some
more details if they contact me directly.

Dave Bowen

               Department of Astrophysical Sciences,
          Peyton Hall, Princeton University, NJ 08544-1001
               Ph (609) 258 3822, FAX (609) 258 1020