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Re: DCOM and Active X

In case anyone is interested, this is from RSI Tech Support:

"IDL does not include support for connecting with DCOM applications and
there are no plans to add such capabilities to IDL."

efrans@my-deja.com wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience using IDL's Active X capability over a
> network using DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model)? I see no
> mention of DCOM in any of IDL's documentation, so I am also curious
> whether or not IDL even supports it.
> I would like to embed an IDL draw widget inside a LabView GUI and
> perform some data analysis functions using IDL. However, the problem
> that I've only gotten this working when IDL and LabView are installed
> the same machine. Unfortunately, there are times when the CPU usage is
> being maxed out by LabView and it'd be nice to have IDL crunch on the
> data on another machine on the network. This would avoid
> possible glitches and data dropouts. After IDL is done, the results
> would be displayed in the embedded draw widget.
> This combines the best of both worlds in my opinion and I sure hope
> possible.
> Thanks in advance for any help!
> - Eric Frans

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