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DCOM and Active X

Has anyone had any experience using IDL's Active X capability over a
network using DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model)? I see no
mention of DCOM in any of IDL's documentation, so I am also curious
whether or not IDL even supports it.

I would like to embed an IDL draw widget inside a LabView GUI and
perform some data analysis functions using IDL. However, the problem is
that I've only gotten this working when IDL and LabView are installed on
the same machine. Unfortunately, there are times when the CPU usage is
being maxed out by LabView and it'd be nice to have IDL crunch on the
data on another machine on the network. This would avoid
possible glitches and data dropouts. After IDL is done, the results
would be displayed in the embedded draw widget.

This combines the best of both worlds in my opinion and I sure hope it's

Thanks in advance for any help!

- Eric Frans

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