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Re: How to get page size for PRINTER device?

Phillip David (phillip_david@xontech.com) writes:

> So let me see if I understand correctly.  Are you saying that the
> printable edges of the paper differ between the left and right sides? 
> Or perhaps between the top and bottom?  If not, why not just calculate
> things to center them on the PRINTABLE page?  Wouldn't that also center
> them on the physical page?
> Or perhaps I'm just not getting it.

Oh, I hate these public arguments that expose
my ignorance. :-(

Yes, I think you are right. Here is a program that
will center a square plot on the printer page:

  PRO center_plot
  xsize = 10
  ysize = 10
  thisDevice = !D.Name
  Set_Plot, 'Printer'
  Device, Get_Page_Size=pseudoPageSize
  xprintArea = pseudoPageSize[0] / !D.X_PX_CM
  yprintArea = pseudoPageSize[1] / !D.Y_PX_CM
  xoff = (xprintArea - xsize) / 2.0
  yoff = (yprintArea - ysize) / 2.0
  Device, XSize=xsize, YSize=ysize, XOffset=xoff, YOffset=yoff
  PlotS, [0,1,1,0, 0], [0, 0, 1, 1,0], /Normal
  Device, /Close_Document
  Set_Plot, thisDevice

Sheesh. Back to the programming grind...



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