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Re: How to get page size for PRINTER device?

David Fanning wrote:
> Phillip David (phillip_david@xontech.com) writes:
> > Now that you know how to get the exact page size (as returned by the
> > printer), can't you just use that to size your printout?  You also know
> > how to position it to center it by putting the center of your plot at
> > the center of the page, whose size you now know.
> The problem is not *sizing* the printout. The problem
> is *locating* the printout in the middle of the page.
> The only tools you really have to do that are the offsets,
> but the offsets are calculated from the *printable*
> edge of the paper, not from the real edge of the paper
> (as they are, for example, in PostScript output).
> ...

So let me see if I understand correctly.  Are you saying that the
printable edges of the paper differ between the left and right sides? 
Or perhaps between the top and bottom?  If not, why not just calculate
things to center them on the PRINTABLE page?  Wouldn't that also center
them on the physical page?

Or perhaps I'm just not getting it.