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redirecting IDL standard output to a file

We have just upgraded to IDL5.  I have some IDL programs that output
text and results to the screen (non-graphics).  In the past, when using
our Digital/Compaq Alphas running UNIX, if I typed:

idl > outfile.dat

when starting IDL, then all standard output would be redirected to the
specified file.  Because IDL buffers it's output, it could be the case
that outfile.dat would remain empty until a certain amount of output
had been produced, or until I exited IDL (when all buffered output
would be sent to outfile.dat).  Under IDL5.4, however, the buffered
output doesn't seem to be sent to outfile.dat when I exit IDL - and I
lose all my output.  outfile.dat is created but stays empty.  If I type
flush,-1 at the IDL prompt prior to exiting, then the buffer is flushed
and my file is filled.  But I shouldn't have to do this!  Can anybody
else replicate this problem?  I've e-mailed IDL support with this
problem, but was interested to know if anybody else had the same



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