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WNT environmental vars

I'm trying to get a fairly large project (~250 .pro files in several
directories) working on WNT.  I didn't write it want to make minimal
changes for NT.  The project is normally compiled and saved and
has a number of batch files which do the appropriate compiles, saves,
etc.  These all use environmental variables in lines like:

  .compile $IDLSRC/xxx/file.pro

Under Unix that works fine as long as the IDLSRC environmental variable
is defined.  (Works fine on VMS too using $IDLSRC as the logical name -
even with the Unix syntax.)  But under WNT, IDL is looking for
c:/current/dir/$IDLSRC/xxx/file.pro    (where 'c:/current/dir' is my
current working directory).

Is there a way on WNT to use setenv to make this work?

Dave Greenwood                Email: Greenwoodde@ORNL.GOV
Oak Ridge National Lab        %STD-W-DISCLAIMER, I only speak for myself