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Re: IDLWAVE 4.7/Tutorial

Carsten Dominik wrote:
> Hi, I have release IDLWAVE 4.7.  Sorry that this happens so quickly
> after 4.6, but the recent discussion here has prompted a new way of
> assigning keys to debugging commands which I would like to get out
> now.
> Also, JD and I have been cooking up a tutorial which was requested by
> several contributions here.  While it may not quite be simple enough
> for David ;-), I hope it will be OK for most people who have used
> Emacs before.  Feedback on the Tutorial is welcome.  The Tutorial
> should work with 4.6 except in one or two details.  The keybinding
> methods described only work with 4.7.
> - Carsten

OK, Carsten, here's some feedback from a would-be user.

I've tried IDLWave in the past, and always ended up disabling it because I was
unable to customize it to my satisfaction. It looks like a very useful tool.
This turorial certainly helps, but I'm still unable to figure out how to
control some of the settings.

Basically, I want complete control of text layout in the buffer.

1. I enter

   FOR i=0,n

   When I hit the <CR>, IDLWave reformats this by indenting the ENDFOR 3 spaces:

   FOR i=0,n

   How do I prevent this reformatting?

2. How do I make tabs in IDLwave mode work the way they do in text mode?
Currently, the first tab moves the cursor under the first character on the last
line, but subsequent tabs fall into a black hole.

FWIW, here are the settings I've come up with so far:

(setq indent-line-function 'indent-relative)  ; I thought this would give me the
					      ; same behavior I get in text-mode.
(setq idlwave-hanging-indent nil)
(setq idlwave-end-offset 0)
(setq idlwave-main-block-indent 0)
(setq idlwave-code-comment "klajsdfjpawe")  ;   This is an attempt to disable
                                            ;   this function.
(setq idlwave-no-change-comment ";...")
(setq idlwave-continuation-indent 0)
(setq idlwave-block-indent 0)

Jack Saba