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Re: IDLWAVE 4.7/Tutorial

   Jack, I can take a quick stab at your questions.

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Jack Saba wrote:

> 1. I enter
>    FOR i=0,n
>       stuff
>    When I hit the <CR>, IDLWave reformats this by indenting the ENDFOR
> 3 spaces:
>    FOR i=0,n
>       stuff
>       ENDFOR
>    How do I prevent this reformatting?

   (You did mean "FOR i=0,n DO BEGIN", didn't you?)  You say later on that
you're doing:

> (setq idlwave-end-offset 0)
> (setq idlwave-block-indent 0)

Emacs offsets are always(?) relative to the previous line; since
idlwave-end-offset is 0, the indentation for ENDFOR goes to the same
column as "stuff".  If you make these -3 and 3 respectively (the defaults,
at least in idlwave 4.5, are -4 and 4), it should indent, automatically,
to the columns it looks like you want it to (including "stuff").

> 2. How do I make tabs in IDLwave mode work the way they do in text
> mode? Currently, the first tab moves the cursor under the first
> character on the last line, but subsequent tabs fall into a black
> hole.

   I'm not sure how to change this, but it looks like idlwave makes
indent-line-function buffer-local and then sets it to its own function,
'idlwave-indent-and-action.  So, your setq isn't making any difference.

> FWIW, here are the settings I've come up with so far:
> (setq indent-line-function 'indent-relative)  ; I thought this would give me the
> 					      ; same behavior I get in text-mode.
> (setq idlwave-hanging-indent nil)
> (setq idlwave-end-offset 0)
> (setq idlwave-main-block-indent 0)
> (setq idlwave-code-comment "klajsdfjpawe")  ;   This is an attempt to disable
>                                             ;   this function.
> (setq idlwave-no-change-comment ";...")
> (setq idlwave-continuation-indent 0)
> (setq idlwave-block-indent 0)

    I hope this helps,

                                                 Jeff Guerber