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Re: IDLWAVE 4.7/Tutorial

    Unlike my esteemed colleague Jack, I *do* like IDLWAVE's automatic
indentation... mostly.  But while we're on the subject:

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, JD Smith wrote:

> Note that IDLWAVE does use some intelligence when it comes to certain
> continuations.  I suppose I should have noted that <C> only operates
> when some more compelling continuation indentation is not identified.  
> Witness:
> print, convol(a, $
>               b, $
>               c)

   Is there some way to disable _just_ this behavior, while still using
the rest of IDLWAVE's automatic indentation features?  When I'm doing
something like assigning the result of a call to a function method of an
object ref that's contained in a structure field, to a field of another
structure (and I find myself doing things like this quite a bit), the open
parenthese is pretty far over to the right, so this indentation style
doesn't leave much room for the arguments.  As clever as this is, frankly
I'd rather just have the regular continuation indentation as specified by
idlwave-continuation-indent.  I've checked the manual and even the code,
but couldn't find anything. (I'm using IDLWAVE 4.5, but I didn't see
anything in the 4.7 manuals on the web site, either.)  Thanks!

   And many thanks, Carsten, for an extremely useful program!

                                                  Jeff Guerber