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dumb surface plot question

I have a routine that calls the surface routine to plot stack plots of
NMR spectra. I got it to work just by fiddling around and stumbling on
the /horizontal keyword. The problem I'm now having is that this no
longer works in IDL 5.4 because apparently IDL has changed what it calls
"perpendicular to the line of sight", i.e. now the plots are done with
lines going through all the spectra, rather than with lines drawn
through the individual spectra. This seems like it must be trivial to
fix, but for the life of me I can't seem to get surface to draw the
orthogonal lines (and I don't want to change the axes in all my code
that calls this routine if I don't have to). Has anybody come across
this problem and come up with a solution ? Thanks for any tips.

-- KY