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Re: redirecting IDL standard output to a file

In article <3A32FC64.2BC15F77@indra.com>,
  mbennett@indra.com wrote:
> If you turn on journaling, doesn't that capture all output to the
> journal file?  It seems to work that way on my machine.

Thanks for that, Med.  Unfortunately you get other stuff output
into the journal file too.  The response from RSI tech support is that
I'll have to stick with flush,-1 until we get IDL 5.5:

   "IDL's I/O subsystem got a major re-write in IDL 5.4, and you
have stumbled over the only known problem resulting from it (so far).
Unfortunately, IDL 5.4 does not flush stdout and stderr before exiting.
This is not a problem with ttys (not bufferred) but does show up
when you do redirection. Unfortunately, no one in our beta program did
that, and so we didn't find the problem until 5.4 shipped. It will
(already has been) be fixed for the next IDL. Until then, you
can add a "FLUSH, -1" at the end of your IDL session in order to
make your redirection work."


Dr. Timothy J. Osborn
Climatic Research Unit
University of East Anglia

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