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I was wondering if I could use findgen with a variable.
If I in one situation would use a one dimension array and in another
situation a mutiple dimension array how would i do?
I have tried with findgen(x), where x could be an integer or an array.
But when x is an array IDL gives me following error message:
IDL> r=fltarr(x)+10
% FLTARR: Expression must be a scalar in this context: X.
% Execution halted at:  $MAIN$

where x is:
IDL> print,x
       5       7
IDL> help,x
X               INT       = Array[2]
Is it posible to make an mutiple dimensional array by using a variable
such as findgen(x)?
Thanx in advance
Martin Skou Andersen
E-mail:	Skou@fys.ku.dk
Homepage: http://www.fys.ku.dk/~skou/