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Re: IDL 5.4 Stability - wot about the licensing?

Todd Clements wrote:
> landsman@my-deja.com wrote:
> >Last month, Paul van Delst wrote:
> >
> >
> > > One annoying thing I have noticed is that on my linux box I can now
> >only have one session
> > > of IDL running. Previously every other platform/OS on which I have
> >used IDL (that had a
> > > single user license) I could open as many IDL sessions as I wanted
> >(as the same user). But
> > > now I get the "Do you want to wait for a license?" message and then
> >into the 7-minute demo
> >
> >I've finally upgraded to V5.4 on Solaris 2.6 and I am finding the same
> >behaviour.   Bernard Puc reported that this problem was known to RSI,
> >but has anything been done about it?    If not, then I am hurrying back
> >to V5.3.    Thanks,
> RSI is rather aware of this problem. They are planning a fix for the next
> update. In the mean time, if you can prove to them that it's a nuisance
> for you, you might be able to get a temporary license to work around it.
> They did state that a way around it is that you can start as many copies
> of the IDLDE from the SAME xterminal as you want... of course, hating the
> IDLDE as I do, this wasn't really an option for me.
> Todd

... has anyone tried what happens with the idlwave emacs shell? Would
it work
(a) if you started more than one shell from the same emacs session (is
this possible by the way?) 
(b) more than one emacs session from the same terminal?


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