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Re: regridding data

Chris Taylor (swr99cpt@met.rdg.ac.uk) writes:

> I'd like to do SURFACE/SHADE_SURF plots of my data but the data is on a
> irregular grid with unequal x and y dimensions.  This means I can't use
> TRIANGULATE and TRIGRID to regrid it.  Is there any way around this?

It is not clear to me, from the details you supply,
that the SURFACE command is completely ruled out.
There is no requirement in the SURFACE command that
the data be on a regular grid; irregular grids are
fine. It's true that the TRIGRID command will 
interpolate given data to a regular grid, but even
then it's not clear to me that the SURFACE command
wouldn't show you a fairly decent representation
of your data.

I guess I just need more information to be convinced.



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