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N-dimensional rotation

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if the ROT and ROTATE functions of IDL 5.3 allow the
rotation of N-dimensional vectors, but I have just found that only 1D and 2D
arrays can be specified as input parameters for these functions.

I would be grateful if somebody could give me some links to
information/source code about this subject. Our current objective is to
analyze the N-dimensional scatterplot of a hyperspectral image in order to
find spectrally pure elements. I know ENVI has a tool (N-dimensional
visualizer) which allows to visualize and rotate the data cloud
interactively, but our purpose is to incorporate some automation to the

Many thanks in advance.

Antonio Plaza Miguel
Departamento de Informática
Escuela Politécnica de Cáceres
University of Extremadura, SPAIN