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Newbie needs help...

I've lurked for a while and now it's time to ask for help...

I have some satellite data that I need to a) display a portion of on the
globe and b) extract the data at various positions.

Towards that end, I've snarfed up image_map.pro from Liam Gumley's site
and regrid.pro and tvim.pro from ESRG.  They both do sort of what I want
but neither gets me "all the way there".

Liam's does a nice job of displaying the image and letting me plop a
grid and continent map on top but he's got this big fat caveat in the
code that says "This procedure was designed for display purposes *only*"
(emphasis his) and some bits about dire consequences if used otherwise.  

regrid does a good job of "regularizing" the data and tvim makes a nice
plot with scales and color bars and all that nice stuff (without the
"dire consequences" :-) but when I try and slap a grid or continental
blobs on the image, they puke complaining that "the current device must
have mapping coordinates"...

In either case, I'm left with the problem of mapping a lat/lon that the
user inputs to a pixel on the screen (or an element in an array, as the
case may be).

Any help would be most graciously accepted,

Clueless in Boothbay