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Re: Many procedures, what to do?

In article <onr9297isv.fsf@cow.physics.wisc.edu>,
Craig Markwardt  <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> wrote:
>Greetings all!
>I have about twenty five functions that go into a single larger
>library.  They are all pretty much inextricably linked together.  This
>is the SAVE file library I have mentioned once or twice, with the
>ability to read and write and interogate save files yourself.
>Anyway, my question is what to do with all these files?  I would
>imagine that for most people, including myself, this many files is a
>pain in the neck.  Also they share a lot of the same parameters so it
>would be difficult to keep the documentation up to date.

I believe that you are stuck with this. This appears to be a fundamental
problem linked to the command line parsing method of IDS and PV Wave. I
use the latter for plotting purposes, but any serious computation in that
environment is out of the question for the reasons you state. And, I do
hate seeing the *lowest* level functions and procedures at the *top* of
a file! By the time work begins all those things are pretty well debugged
and I would prefer not to see them at all.

Amateur user's opinion, of course!

Surendar Jeyadev         jeyadev@wrc.xerox.com