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Re: Many procedures, what to do?

"Pavel A. Romashkin" <pavel.romashkin@noaa.gov> writes:

> No, it will not, but are you on 5.2? I personally dislike version
> checking for the purpose of disabling some portions of the code :-( But
> a library saved as .sav will not open in earlier versions anyway. Isn't
> this what you want to do? Save all routines in a .sav, then call it by
> the name and they all instantly become available (to those lucky ones
> who happen to have the same IDL version :-)

Hi Pavel--

The question is to have one big .PRO file, or many small .PRO files.
Save files do not enter into my question [except that the .PRO files
are designed to manipulate save files].

If I put a compile_opt directive in any of the .PRO files, then it
will surely fail to compile by anybody with an older version of IDL.


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